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Purged Air Heating System

Purge Air Systems take ambient air and heat to a desired temperature, typically to 210F/100C to dry air. Typically, these systems will be skid based with a blower and a panel mounted or a junction box for panel remotelocation. A Purge Air System functions to flush electrical control equipment with clean air before it is turned on, which ensures that the equipment is not damaged or affected by any air contaminants or pollution.

Purged Air System

More About This Product

Often Purge Airsystemsare used in an Acrid environment and these systems have special paint or are all 304 stainless steel construction. Configurations range from a circulation heater or a heater with a single blower to redundant blowers and heaters.HC Thermal’stypical construction is a circulation heater-type unit designed to maximize velocity in the unit and control the element temperature to maximize heater life.

Purged air systems are designed to provide intentional, controlled airflow within an enclosed space, acting as a ventilation system. These systems are utilized in many industrial applications to maintain air quality, temperature and humidity control, contamination, and safety.


HC Thermal’sdesignsare very compact and easily piped to existing installations. Here are some additional advantages of a Purge Air Heating System:

  • Spare elements are standard.
  • Easily tailored to customer requirements.
  • All stainless steel models eliminate downtime and costly component replacement.

There are several advantages to using purged air systems for various industrial applications. These include:

  • Maintaining indoor air quality through the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, diluting any pollutants or odors.
  • Ventilation for confined spaces is essential to ensuring the constant supply of fresh air for anyone who may be working in these spaces, such as tunnels, mines, or underground structures.
  • Purged air systems are beneficial for contaminant removal, which can be anything from fumes or gases that are generated during manufacturing and processing operations.
  • Temperature and humidity control is also part of a purged air system's operational advantage, offering temperature and humidity-level regulation.


Purge air systems are typically air heating used in many industries such as Wet or Dry Electrostatic Precipitators (WESP or DESP). Transformer compartments in large refineries also use Purge Air Heating Systems. Other applications include mining and pollution control, NOx reduction, and ammonia systems.


  • 10kw to 500kw
  • 240v to 600v
  • Liquid/Dust tight to Hazardous Area Classifications