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Industrial Process Heating Solutions

Oil & Gas

HC Thermal Oil and GAs

The oil and gas industry usesHC Thermal solutionsthroughout the world for more efficient robust electric heater solutions. We are involved in projects related to extraction, processing, refining, separation, R&D, and several other applications where we utilize our experience and variety of heating solutions to optimize customer requirements.

许多O&G最大的客户trusted HC Thermal to develop heating applications that have improved production and increased efficiency. We work with all aspects of the oil and gas industry from upstream, midstream, and downstream markets building electric heating solutions that increase safety, design, and operation.

HC Thermal has launched newelectric heating productsspecifically designed for the manufacturing of oil field tools, PDC bits, Reamers, and Bearings and is more effective in the repair of tooling/cutters. We also are proud to have several patented products that will maximize heat transfer in fluid transfer in a more compact design.


Preheat for pressure drop. Superheater to prevent liquid dropout and lower NOx emissions. Cold start heaters. Fuel gas conditioning,苏格兰vs英格兰让球has you covered. We have 42 years of combined experience in providingelectric heating solutions and systemsfor the power generation industry. Heaters for molten salt load banks, look no further than HC thermal.

“Carbon Offset” or “Green Technology”

Across the globe, green initiatives have been growing the need for fewer carbon emissions at plant levels. Growing pressure from governments to reduce carbon emissions has led to electric heaters becoming more mainstream into BTU duties previously considered only for fuel-fired heaters. With the advent of medium voltage technologies,HC Thermal’sdesign is posed to meet these future large BTU demands with 4160v and 6kv heaters and controls. Now, 1-20mw projects are feasible to provide equipment in an electric alternative. This moves the carbon footprint upstream of the plants and to the electrical provider. The medium voltage heater designs allow for tighter temperature control and lower film and sheath temperatures than with fuel-fired exchangers. Velocities of fluids can be engineered into the design upfront to create the longest possible heater life in between service intervals. 4.1 and 6.6kv controls are far more compact than 480-690v designs and provider less infrastructure cost with the wiring and space requirements vastly reduced.

Hydrocarbon Refining & Renewable Fuels

HC Thermal’s standard element design is more robust than most in the industry. A wider range of element alloys allows for a solution that is better catered to the process and budgets of any hydrocarbon refining project. One specialty at HC Thermal is thereplacement of heatersand systems with better designs that can handle the changing demand of the industry. Most notably, in catalyst regeneration, our heaters and systems can operate at the higher process temperatures demanded by modern catalyst designs. For smaller flows, our Multi Pass (patent pending) can deliver high-temperature gas in a compact package that keeps element and shell temperatures down for long life, while staying out of high temp material grades. Along with this is the ability to meet cooler atmosphere ratings for equipment.

Renewable fuel processing often provides unique challenges for refining. Precise sheath temperatures can easily be controlled with our Multi Pass technology for both liquids and gases. Further, HC Thermal can also provide specialized catalyst vessels with heaters built in to assist with endothermic processes. Superheating gas streams is not a challenge for us. HC Thermal’s ability to think out of the box and engineering depth allows us to developcustom solutionsto unique process heating designs. Our认证allow us to meet domestic and many foreign requirements.


  • Oil & Gas
  • Upstream
  • Midstream
  • Downstream
  • Energy & Power Generation
  • Gas-Fired Power Plants
  • Renewable Energy
  • Hydrocarbon Processing
  • Petrochemical & Refining
  • Waste Water & Water Treatment
  • Bulk Storage
  • RO Systems
  • Freeze protection
  • Temperature Retention, Heat loss make up
  • Molten Salt
  • Vaporization
  • Pressure maintenance
  • Offloading

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